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Dreams Come True!

SAUSD Teams to Support Future Teachers!

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Cal. State University, Fullerton 

Dr. Debra Cote at

Through a Teacher Residency Capacity Grant with CSUF and UCI, SAUSD is proud to support the development of future teachers. Tuition reimbursement is significant, but exceptional candidates must demonstrate exemplary teaching potential through coursework and residency activities. CSUF candidates must be seeking an Education Specialist Preliminary Credential Credential. UCI candidate must be working towards a credential in STEM. Some general information is provided here, but more details are available at the Schools of Education at each university.


CSUF- The California Teacher Education Specialist Teacher Candidates who participate in the Santa Ana Teacher Residency Model Program (TRM) will receive the latest innovations and support structures throughout the program from a partnership between the SAUSD and CSUF College of Special Education. The student teaching schedule for teacher residency candidates will align with the district academic school calendar.


Key points -

  • Get a head start on your Directed Student Teaching. This is a  year-long commitment, based on the SAUSD academic calendar.

  • Site-based clinical coaches are trained in cognitive coaching, mentoring, and adult learning theory.

  • Observation cycles include video capture, focused visits, and clinical practice observations.

  • Participation in professional development and pairs training with Mentor Teacher.

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