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Induction is a pathway to the California Clear Credential. It is a job-embedded way to strengthen teaching practice with the support of other educators.  The job-embedded experiences are accomplished using mentoring, personalized professional development, and collaboration. To keep pace with the next generation of teaching and learning, SAUSD uses Canvas, an online Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS platform provides our teachers with flexible opportunities to accomplish the major objectives of Teacher Induction.


This is an exciting time for SAUSD Teacher Induction. We offer a mentoring support system grounded in the cycle of inquiry, reflective practices, and collaboration. Our  opportunities for mentoring and a brief description of new-teacher program eligibility are available below.


New teachers, you are eligible to be a Candidate if:


  • You hold a California Preliminary Teaching Credential.

  • You are in the first five years of your preliminary credential.

  • You are employed by Santa Ana Unified School District.

Not so new? Mentor our beginning teachers by becoming a TIPS MentorYou are eligible if:


  • You hold a California Clear Teaching Credential.

  • You have at least three years of full-time teaching experience.

  • You are employed by Santa Ana Unified School District.

Teachers collaborate with peers to share inquiries.

If your schedule does not allow you to serve as a Mentor, consider becoming a Partnership Learning Coach. This role allows you to help develop new teacher practice but requires minimal meeting attendance. You are eligible if:

  • You are employed by Santa Ana Unified School District.

  • You understand and practice data-driven instruction.

  • You can facilitate, in partnership with others, learning-focused and reflective conversations.

  • You are available for the scheduled events.

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