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SAUSD Teaching Induction & Professional Support is proud to offer Canvas, a Learning Management System that allows us to connect all the digital tools and resources in one space. This enables our teachers to access information, communicate in various ways, and gain feedback. This new platform is in development stages and will be released over the course of this 2015/2016 school year. Stay tuned for more details.


This is an exciting time for SAUSD Teacher Induction. We have anticipated this move to a blended support program and believe we will ultimately deliver a visionary induction experience that provides personal mentoring enhanced by technology.

The FACT System contains four performance-based, job-embedded modules to support participating teachers as they teach. Through the use of evidence collection and ongoing self-assessment, each module is designed to focus on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Induction Program Standards, while incorporating the state-adopted Academic Content Standards for students.
SAUSD uses Canvas, an online Learning Management System (LMS), to accomplish these modules. Our LMS platform provides our teachers with flexible opportunities to accomplish the major objectives of each module. The objectives are featured here.
The California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) are intended to provide a common language and a vision of the scope and complexity of the profession by which all teachers can define and develop their practice.  The standards seek to serve and support professional educators in fulfilling their professional roles and responsibilities from pre-service teacher to experienced practitioner. 
The California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and the Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP) booklets have been combined in this revised 2014 version. CTP language and additional questions to the CSTP have been added in this version of the document.
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