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Phase 1 - Hurry! Application Deadline is fast approaching:

In order to be considered for this grant, interested applicants must meet the following requirements:


  1. Have a BA degree or have the degree by June, 2019

  2. Apply to the SDSU program to begin September, 2019

  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75

  4. Complete the  application

  5. Secure TWO letters of recommendation

  6. Complete the Personal Statement

  7. Provide unofficial transcripts from all colleges attended

  8. Complete the application to Feather River College. You DO NOT need to submit this application to Feather River College. Just fill it out and submit it with your application for the Grant.

Here is your checklist:

  1. Screen shot of  the completed SDSU application (see these extra tips that might help too)

  2. Completed application

  3. First letter of recommendation (page 4 of the application)

  4. Second letter of recommendation (page 4 of the application)

  5. Personal statement (page 5 and 6 of the  application)

  6. Unofficial transcripts

  7. Copy of your Feather River College application You DO NOT need to submit this application to Feather River College. Just fill it out and submit it with your application for the Grant.


One major goal of the program is to support all participants to pass both the CBEST and CSET in a timely manner.  Therefore, a class, “Advanced Test Prep” has been created and will be offered online through Feather River College.  All qualifying participants will be expected to enroll in this course only if they are accepted by the grant.   Available funds from the grant can be used to offset the approximately $200 cost of the course.  Upon passing both the CBEST and CSET participants NOT enrolled in a credential program will continue to take a series of online courses (one per semester) through Feather River College. (Feather River College application)

All information requested must be submitted by February 20, 2019 to:


Omar Ezzeldine, Ed.D., Director of Classified Professional Development (Please scan and email all your documents for review)

Your application will be reviewed and submitted to the Orange County Department of Education on your behalf.


All applicants will be notified by May 31 if they have been chosen as a recipient, selected as an alternate, or were not selected at this time.  The selected recipients and alternates will be required to attend an orientation in June. 


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Q: The SDSU program looks like it’s only for Multiple Subject or Multiple Subject Bilingual. What if I want a single subject credential?

A: This is still an amazing opportunity and you should apply under the Multiple Subject Credential option. In order to make your credential a single subject credential, you only have to take one other course that SDSU will be providing very soon in Math, Science, Social Studies or Spanish. Even if you want a single subject in something other than those four, it’s not too difficult to find a program locally (e.g. Cal State University or National) that will allow you to only take that single subject methods class and submit it to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing along with the rest of the coursework you’ve taken at SDSU to get your credential.


Q: On the SDSU application, it asks us to choose the Multiple Subject Credential Bilingual even if we don’t want the bilingual credential. The list of options includes one for just the Multiple Subject credential, shouldn’t I choose that one?

A: This online program is being offered specifically by the Bilingual Credential program at SDSU only and they will allow you to specify that you do not want the bilingual credential once you are accepted. If you select the other credential program, your application will go to the wrong program and you may find yourself accepted to a program that requires you to drive to San Diego. Choose the Multiple Subject Bilingual Program and you will sort it out after you are accepted.


Q: The application asks me to select an “area or town” that I want to do my practicum (student teaching). All of the options are in San Diego, but I don’t want to drive there to do my student teaching. I want to do my student teaching here close to home. What choice should I select?

A: Select any of the choices. Once they see that you are an online applicant, they will automatically assume you are not interested in the San Diego options and work with you to identify a school close to home.


Q: There is a question that asks if I’m accepted into the Classified Grant program and I know that I have to be in the program in order to qualify for this SDSU program. How should I reply?

A: Select “Yes” even though you have not been accepted yet.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Email them to Omar Ezzeldine, call or come by. If you have specific SDSU application questions, I suggest you contact them directly:  Melanie Falkenberg: or 619-594-6117.

For more details, please contact:

Dr. Omar Ezzeldine, Director of Classified Professional Development, 714-558-5673

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